Game Developer Interview #3: José Neto (JackQuest, Netox Games)

Welcome to the THIRD ‘Game Developer Interview’ with José Neto! This time the interview is by text and you can read the interview in full right below:

– Who are you and what do you do?
“My name is Jose Neto, I am husband, father and gamedeveloper on my free time. Currently working with systems development in a company. I need to split my time between work, wife, daughter, friends, and game development, not always easy :).”
– How long have you been in the game industry?
“I had contact with games very young, but I started to dedicate myself even in the development of games in 2013 when I participated in a project to create games for children with some attention deficit, but I wanted more, I wanted to create my own games.”
– WHY are you making games?
I love games and especially love storytelling, I believe a game is a great way I found to tell my stories.
– What do you think of the state of the game industry?
“I think the gaming industry is undergoing a great growth and that the players are increasingly demanding with the quality of the games released. But I believe it is a good time to stand out.”
– How do you see game industry in 5 years, what changes?
“I think we will see a lot of potential in 2D games with multiplayer games still dominating. The market today is already very competitive in 5 years will be even more, but making games is beyond all a passion what comes next is a bonus.”
– What is the best experience from making games so far?
“I can say that my best experience it’s happening now, working with Crescent Moon Games and Blowfish Studios at the launch of JackQuest is incredible. This experience has given me new opportunities, I am very happy with this moment.”
– What is the worst experience?
“There was a moment in JackQuest that I wanted to give up, it was difficult to create it in such a short time, without a budget I had to dedicate myself to doing almost everything alone in the game, some things were not going as planned, that discouraged me.”
– If you would be given infinite resources, what would you do?
“This is easy, I would open my own company, I have many ideas for games, I would start producing all of them. It would also give free courses for game development.”
– What would your tips for a beginner game developer?
“Start with something small and never give up, use your best idea when you have more experience in the gaming market.”
José Neto – Netox Games
Indie Game Dev 

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